It’s easy to forget about your business’s electrical wiring and services until something goes wrong. Too many business owners treat their electrical system as “out of sight, out of mind” and skip out on basic maintenance. The problem is, this can easily lead to costly repair jobs – and disrupted work – if the electrical system doesn’t get periodic checkups.

That’s why it’s a good idea for business owners to call in commercial electrical services in Albuquerque and get an electrical inspection at least once a year. It’s a preventative measure that will ultimately save much more money than it costs.

What Do You Get with An Electrical Inspection?

A trained technician goes to your site and inspects all the wiring, junctions, and other systems both visually and with appropriate tools. They’ll look for any signs of damaged wires, overloaded fuse boxes, “hot spots” with weak insulation, and other signs of potential problems.

Typically, they’ll also go through and re-tighten all nuts and other connections to ensure nothing can come loose.

Considering that a major electrical problem can cost thousands of dollars or more to repair, an annual inspection is a great insurance policy to avoid much more costly issues. Not to mention the costs if there’s an electrical fire!

When Should You Get an Electrical Inspection?

Any company specializing in commercial electrical services in Albuquerque will recommend an annual inspection just to be safe. However, there are other red flags that suggest you need to bring in a professional ASAP to prevent small problems from getting worse.

These include:

Flickering lights or unstable electronics: If your lights are flickering or your electronics sometimes can’t get enough power, that’s a sign of significant problems on the horizon.

Flooding or water damage: Water and electricity don’t mix. If you’ve had any kind of water-related problem, get your wiring inspected just to be safe.

Buying an existing building: You can’t always take the sellers’ word that the wiring is ‘fine.’ Before purchase, have it checked out by an experienced professional.

Frequent breaker trips: If your breaker box keeps getting tripped, at best, it’s a problem with the box. At worst, your system is overloaded and needs upgrades.

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