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In the course of our job, we also tend to hear a lot of questions over and over. So, let’s take a moment to address some of the plumbing-related questions we hear most often.

Answering Albuquerque’s Common Plumbing Questions

1 – What causes a faucet leak?

Leaky faucets are extremely common and are typically caused by a couple of different issues.  The first and most common is when the ‘cartridge’ inside the handle breaks. This valve controls the water flow as you move the handle. If the cartridge isn’t the issue, it can also potentially be a problem with the seals.

2 – How costly is a dripping faucet?

It’s hard to calculate exactly, but every drop is wasted water that adds to your water bill.  The faster the drip, the more money is wasted. That dripping water could also easily do other damage, such as warping kitchen tiles or staining cabinetry. This all adds to the final damage done before the leak is fixed.

3 – Can I replace my own faucet?

Sure, in theory. The job isn’t that hard, and there are plenty of video tutorials out there.  However, be certain to buy a faucet that is compatible with your countertop and pipes. Too often, we see homeowners attempt a DIY faucet installation with a mismatched faucet and end up trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, so to speak.  This leads to an ugly installation at best, and leaks at worst.

4 – Is there anything I can do to protect my faucets?

Aside from treating them gently (since the cartridge inside is typically a bit fragile), one of the best things you can do is invest in a water-softening system. “Hard” water, which is full of minerals, will leave a deposit of those minerals in the pipes, as well as in your faucets and other fixtures. Over time, this will build up and cause problems. We’ve seen faucets so caked in mineral deposits that they had to be cut out of the countertop.

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