Portrait of a young technician in a disposable protective medical mask and gloves repairing an air conditioner

The last thing anyone working or living in Albuquerque wants is an air conditioning system that is not working properly. Albuquerque’s weather conditions can be unfriendly, especially during the summer months. And you don’t want a situation in which your air conditioner cannot keep you cool on an extreme weather day.

But the question is, how do you know whether your AC system needs urgent repairs or not.

The answer is simple. You will know when you notice the following signs mentioned below:

Unusual noises

When your air condition system is working properly, you will hardly notice any odd gurgling noises coming from the filter, fan, compressor, evaporator, or condenser. So, if you notice any unusual sound coming from your AC, it’s a telltale sign that you need Albuquerque air conditioner service.

Warm air blowing from vents

Generally, your air conditioning system is mainly designed to blow cold air. But if the air coming from the vents of your AC is hot, it is possible that something is blocking the airflow in your AC system. The hot air may also be due to the fact that the compressor or thermostat in your AC is faulty. This problem can occur when the amount of refrigerant in your AC is low. So, if you notice that your AC is showing this symptom, it is advisable that you should stop using the air conditioning system so that you won’t damage other components of the AC system.

Water leaks

Your air conditioner uses liquified gas to cool your home while it operates. And sometimes, the refrigerant may condensate, thereby producing small amounts of liquid in your home. However, if you notice an accumulation of water around your air conditioning system, the cooling system of your AC may not be working properly. The more you allow the leak to continue, the more you are damaging your air conditioning system and exposing your home to more damages.

High humidity

While your air conditioner is working, the moisture level in your home should not be too high or too low. If your air conditioning system is not keeping the humidity in your room within a comfortable range, it’s simple – you need air conditioner service repair.

Bad odours

Your HVAC system needs repair if you are smelling unpleasant odours anytime it is working. It is possible that a rat or a lizard got stuck and died while moving inside the AC. On the other hand, the unusual smell may be due to burning wires. Regardless of the cause, make sure you call a technician to help you to clean the filter and remove the source of the pungent smell coming from your air conditioner.

Rapid cycling

Your air conditioner is supposed to be operating when the temperature inside your room is warm or hot. If you notice that your air conditioning system is operating when your room is cold or not operating when your room is hot, this means the thermostat in your AC system needs to be replaced or repaired.

Bottom line

The above tips should help you to determine whether or not you need an air conditioner service in Albuquerque. Should you need professional air conditioner service repairs in Albuquerque, feel free to contact Number 1 Plumbing. They are highly committed to providing reliable, honest, efficient, and fast air conditioning repair services.