If you’re thinking about investing in solar panels here in Albuquerque, now is a great time. Solar power has become a mature, well-understood technology, and we certainly have plenty of sunshine to spare in New Mexico!

However, as the popularity of solar panels has grown, there have also been a lot of newcomers into the industry. It can be hard to find a good solar company in Albuquerque that fits your needs and can do the job right.

Here are a few tips when you’re looking for a New Mexico solar installer:

How to Get Good Solar Service in Albuquerque

1. Look for NABCEP Certification

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is the oldest and most-respected industry group covering solar installations. If a solar company is certified and endorsed by them, that’s a great sign that you’ll be able to get good service and quality solar panels.

2. Don’t choose the lowest bidder

Always get multiple estimates and bids from contractors before choosing one. Once you do, never go with the lowest bidder, as they’re most likely using substandard materials or will cut costs in other ways. In worst-case scenarios, they might be deliberately under-bidding and planning on hitting you with extra fees later on once you can’t back out.

A solar installation should typically last 20+ years. This is a product where paying a little extra for quality components is worth it.

3. Look for pictures of previous installation jobs

Another typical habit of bad or low-rent solar companies in Albuquerque is to do a messy installation. These types of companies may haphazardly lay wires around your roof or with ugly junction boxes in plain view. You don’t want your home to look like an electrical plant!

Good solar companies don’t just install quality panels; they also make sure the installation looks as nice as possible. So, ask for pictures of their past work, and look for wide shots so you know what your house will look like after they’re done.

4. Buy local

Hiring a local company is best for all home-improvement projects. You’ll pay less on material transportation, and they’re much easier to hold accountable if something goes wrong. If your installer is out-of-state and dodges responsibility, the legal hurdles could be insurmountable.

Number 1 Plumbing Has Your Solar Needs Covered

Number 1 Plumbing is your quality solar company in Albuquerque. We’re proudly NABCEP-certified and stand by every installation. Contact us to learn more!