If you’re having problems with your swamp cooler, it’s important to identify the issue and take steps to fix it. You should know some of the most common swamp cooler problems and how to diagnose and fix them. Swamp coolers can be a great way to stay cool in the summer, but only if they work properly! If you’re experiencing any of the issues listed below, please don’t hesitate to call and schedule a swamp cooler repair in Albuquerque.

No Cold Air

One of the most common swamp cooler problems is that it’s not producing cold air. This could be due to several issues, including low water levels, dirty pads, or a problem with the pump. To diagnose the issue, start by checking the water level. If it’s low, add more water and see if that fixes the problem. If the water level is fine, then check the pads. They may be dirty and need to be replaced. Lastly, if neither of those solutions work, there could be a problem with the pump, and you’ll need to call a swamp cooler repair service.

Smells Strange

Another common issue is that your swamp cooler smells strange. This is usually due to a build-up of algae or bacteria in the water. To fix this problem, you’ll need to clean out the swamp cooler and add fresh water.

Water Pooling

If you notice water pooling under or around your swamp cooler, it could be due to a leak in the system. This is a serious problem, and you’ll need to schedule a swamp cooler repair right away.

Low Airflow

If the airflow from your swamp cooler is low, it could be due to dirty pads or a clogged filter. To fix this problem, start by cleaning or replacing the pads. If that doesn’t solve the issue, then check the filter and clean or replace it if necessary.

Won’t Start

If your swamp cooler won’t start, the first thing you should check is the power supply. Make sure the unit is plugged in and that there is power to the outlet. If that’s not the issue, it could be a problem with the motor or controller.

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