As one of the top electricians in Albuquerque, we’re not just here to keep your home’s electrical system functional, we’re also here to help keep you safe. A house’s electrical system can be genuinely dangerous, especially if it isn’t properly maintained.

So, we wanted to talk about some of the most dangerous mistakes we see homeowners make. Follow these tips, and you’ll avoid a lot of danger.

Five Must-Follow Electrical Safety Tips

1 – Always replace damaged cords

If the rubber sheath around an electrical cord becomes damaged and the wires inside are exposed, it becomes a shock hazard and a fire hazard. You might be able to temporarily repair it with electrical tape, but tape comes un-stuck over time. Replacing the cord is the safest option.

2 – Don’t keep resetting a circuit breaker

Everyone will have a circuit breaker trip, and it’s usually no big deal.  However, if the breaker trips, you reset it, and it immediately switches off again, do not keep trying to flip it on. That means there’s a genuine problem with your electrical system that needs to be investigated by Albuquerque electricians.  Trying to force the breaker to stay on could start a fire or cause more damage.

3 – Never daisy-chain power strips

If you find yourself needing so many electrical outlets that you’re chaining multiple power strips together, that’s a huge fire risk.  The outlet they’re plugged into was not intended to support so many devices at once.  Hire an electrician to install some more wall outlets instead.

4 – Call for help if your power outlets or cords are hot

Heat is a byproduct of electricity not conducting properly. If a power outlet, switch, or cord is hot to the touch, that’s a big problem that a licensed Albuquerque electrician should investigate.

The only exception would be dimmer switches, which tend to be a bit warm, but never hot.

5 – Never throw water on an electrical fire

Since water conducts electricity, trying to put out an electrical fire with water will only make things worse. It could potentially even cause the electricity to flow up the water and zap you. Use a fire extinguisher or some other smothering tactic, such as throwing a heavy blanket on the fire – then immediately unplug the item which caused the fire or shut it off at the breaker.

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