When it comes to repairing and upgrading your home, many projects can be easy – and even fun – to handle yourself. However, this does not include installing an air conditioner. DIY air conditioner installations almost always go wrong, and we often end up getting called in to fix them.

If you’re getting a new air conditioner, you’ll want Albuquerque HVAC specialists to handle it. The end result will be cheaper, easier, and will work properly the first time.

Four Reasons to Always Let Albuquerque HVAC Pros Handle Your AC Installation

1. It’s dangerous

Air conditioning units are big, heavy, and require a lot of electricity. They typically hook directly into your electric main, and that by itself is dangerous to work with. Likewise, the refrigerants they use are toxic chemicals that require special training to deal with.

Trying to DIY your air conditioner could result in a tragic accident before it’s even set up.

2. Improper refrigerant hookups

Besides initial installation, it’s also quite easy for amateurs to hook up the refrigerant lines incorrectly – leading to leaks. The fluid itself is poisonous, and of course, your A/C won’t work properly if the coolant isn’t circulating.

3. Poor load calculations

Air conditioners aren’t a fire-and-forget system. The unit has to be chosen based on the overall air volume in your house and then needs to be calibrated at the time of installation to fine-tune the load balance.

If the A/C unit is too small for the house, it’ll run nearly non-stop, and might not even be able to achieve the desired temperatures. This is terrible for your electric bill. However, it’s a similar story if the unit is too large. It’ll do something called “short cycling” where it only runs for very brief periods, which wastes a lot of energy. This can also damage the unit itself.

4. Mis-aligned components

A lot of assembly and internal tweaking goes into most air conditioner installations. Even a single part out of alignment or a loose screw can cause significant mechanical problems once the unit is turned on. This can quickly damage the unit, leading to expensive repair bills.

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All in all, it really is best to let our HVAC specialists in Albuquerque handle your A/C installation. When it’s time for a new heating or cooling system, contact Number 1 Plumbing – we’re always here to help!